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Welcome to Greenhouses For Sale where you can find a wide variety of Greenhouses For Sale in pretty much every shape, style, color, and size you want! Check out the top brands and styles of Greenhouses For Sale now.

Greenhouses for Sale

For anyone with a green thumb the concept of a greenhouse is well-known – a base support structure forms the shape, and glass or plastic roofs and walls allow sunlight in to warm up the structure while also preventing heat from escaping. Greenhouses for sale on the market fall into two distinct categories: commercial glass greenhouses and plastic hobbyist greenhouses. As might be expected commercial greenhouses are often high tech production facilities with a support infrastructure to match, and as such they can be extremely expensive; hobbyist greenhouses, not so much.

Aluminum Garden Frame greenhouse for sale

If you are looking for a decent, well-made greenhouse but have a limited budget then this is the greenhouse for you. The aluminum frame is quality made and guaranteed to never rust or rot, while the polycarbonate panes are twin walled for extra safety when children and pets are around. The whole unit is 2.57m long by 1.93m high and 2m 6cm wide and features a single sliding door and roof vent. You can purchase this unit online at starting around £261.

Gardman Growhouse greenhouse for sale

Designed to hold all standard Growbags, this handy growhouse is ideal for growing tomatoes and other vegetables on sheltered patios and balconies. The unit has a robust tubular steel frame with a strong plastic cover and can be dismantled and stored when not in use and features a roll-up zipped door. All fittings and assembly instructions are included and the package does not require tools to assemble. The unit measures 1.0m wide by .5m deep and 1.5m high and only costs £10.99.

Double Door greenhouse for sale

The Halls Magnum greenhouse features a strong aluminum frame, using cast iron joints to ensure this spacious structure is completely safe. Its double doors provide you with a helpful addition, allowing clear access for wheelchairs, plenty of room for your wheelbarrow and the option of extra ventilation when required.

The Halls Magnum Double Door Greenhouse range is a stylish addition to any garden and can be further customized with louvred windows and controls, irrigation and water kits, shelving and shading kits and much more. Halls even offers an erection service and pricing for the greenhouse starts around £1618.

Anodized Aluminum and Polycarbonate greenhouse for sale

This miniature greenhouse is all-weather resistant and features a strong, clear-coated aluminum frame and twin-wall polycarbonate panels that slide into the frame. The polycarbonate is child safe and will not shatter and provides extra insulation for your plants. Polycarbonate is lightweight and simple to install, providing a slightly diffused light to protect your plants from scorching from direct extended exposure to the sunlight. Polycarbonate also protects from the fading of UV light. The unit also has twin sliding doors, guttering and a window for excellent ventilation. It is in stock and one of many such greenhouses for sale that are available online from for only £187.49.


For any serious gardener a greenhouse is a must. But like the varieties of plants, there are plenty of different greenhouses for sale on the market. Factors to consider are location, materials, and seriousness of the hobby. For most gardeners the plastic hobbyist versions are more than sufficient, but if you ever get serious and want a greenhouse to match, be prepared to spend quite a bit of money.

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